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Zambian Fibre Optic Network:

Zambia’s electricity parastatal, Zesco, is installing an advanced fibre optic infrastructure in the Western Province. The new network, being rolled out by China’s ZTE at a cost of around USD80 million, will deliver high speed broadband to government agencies, schools and businesses in the region.

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Ask MetaFilter

The tech-friendly community site’s advice section, where
seemingly every tech question gets at least a few answers. Topics range
widely from digital cameras to mobile phones and from Adobe Illustrator
to making Mac software work on Windows.


ZTE said in a statement that the network would not only largely accelerate Zesco’s bandwidth lease service and profit growth, but would also promote the development of optical network in the whole country of Zambia.

The company said the old Zesco SDH national backbone network was no longer able to cope with rising market demands. The upgraded and network would build on the existing backbone to save on construction investment.




How-To Geek

Copious advice on managing PCs, various flavors of Windows,
Linux, and Firefox and other Web tools. Heavy on useful lists such as
How to Run 4 Different Google Searches at Once in the Same Tab and How
to Fix the 10 Biggest Windows Annoyances. Also tells you how to build
your own computer.



How-to questions and answers from a community of web designers;
just hit the “Ask a question” button and pour out your troubles. Also
displays an updated list of recent answers to questions to things you
might not be having trouble with–yet.